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The Land
Nearly 30 acres of pristine, old growth forest & open field surround the house. The land itself lies in a small hidden valley bordered by 2 streams & the hillsides beyond. As a result, the land has never been occupied or even worked, due to the impassibility of the streams & the steep mountainsides. A hand laid, fieldstone arched bridge of colonial design was built to gain access. The house sits atop a small knoll in the center & commands views for many miles in all directions. Remarkably, there is no indication of humanity anywhere from this point: no lights, no houses, no poles, no towers, and no roads. The view is as it was hundreds of years ago; untouched by man, endless mountains & endless forest.

The forest is a mixture of hardwoods & hemlock groves. The hemlocks line both creeks & many are old growth, well over 10 ft. in circumference. Maple, birch, ash and black cherry constitute the majority of the hardwoods. Wild fruit & game are abundant. Blueberries, blackberries, apples, and strawberries abound in their respective seasons.

All manner of game native to Pennsylvania may be encountered during a quiet walk along the forest trails or through the meadows. The solitude is absolute. There is a natural and ancient peace to be found in a wild eastern forest.

The Creeks
Bell Creek & Bluestone Creek each run through the property for about of a mile. Both are cloaked by towering old growth hemlocks which line their banks, casting the cool glens in perpetual shadow. The effect of walking from the open meadow into the dark soaring hemlock groves surrounding the creeks is akin to passing into a cathedral. Both creeks contain small native brook trout & flow year round. Bluestone Creek however is by far the more beautiful. Running less then 50 yards from the house, the creek is remarkable for its numerous water falls & pools, cut through the solid bluestone bed rock of the mountains. Depending on the time of year the falls may be thunderous, quiet, or frozen in time. Regardless, the spot is very special & certainly the hidden jewel of the forest.

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