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The Patriot House was built in 1998 to accurately reflect the style & craftsmanship of a Revolutionary War era log home. The construction is entirely of "chinked" hand hewn 6"x 12" log with dovetail joinery. No nails were used. The window & door moldings as well as the fireplace mantels & library cabinetry were all hand milled & highlighted with the typical "soldier blue milk paint" of the period. The interior walls are planed & "chinked". The ceilings are of 4'x 8'open beam construction with 12' pine planks above. The main floor is made of 16 ft. lengths of 10' tulip popular fastened with black walnut plugs. There are a total of 28 pained windows looking out to the mountains.

There are traditional period fireplaces in both the drawing room & the library. They are kept burning throughout the winter. The library contains over 500 hardcover volumes on World History, American History, Art History, Poetry & Classic Literature.

The entire house, though not furnished strictly in period fashion (a concession to comfort), nevertheless contains multiple examples of the colonial era. From the flintlock rifles and powder horns hanging above the mantels, the candles & lanterns burning throughout, and much of the furniture and art work, one gains a sense and impression of a simpler time in American History. The house truly exudes warmth & solidity, and has been the subject of numerous articles.

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